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We all want to feel well, to feel healthy, both in body and mind.

Moving your body is key to this.

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A.I.M. Awareness Integration Movement is a unique approach to movement repatterning which looks to find resolution for past and current issues thereby preventing future repetition and evolving anew.

This is the place of hope from which all recovery starts.

The keys are: create awareness, discern cause, differentiate effects, repattern protection compensation and evolve to integrate a new, different and more positive way to move with your body.

Movement Pilates BMC® are the three methods used that in combination provide this unique approach to improving your physical health and well-being, each method working hand in hand with the other.

The uniqueness is in the mutual symbiosis that educates, simplifies and enables all at once.

Go to A.I.M. to learn more about this unique approach, and how it is implemented so effectively.

For personal accounts of peoples experiences, go to the Testimonials page.

Offered through Classes, Reformer sessions, One on One sessions and Workshops, these methods are suitable for all, from the everyday person to specialists. For details on all that is offered and bookings, go to the Services page and start your experience of this unique and very special approach to improving your health and well-being for yourself.

We all want to feel well, to feel healthy, both in body and mind. Moving your body is key to this...

book in and experience for yourself what changes you can achieve. 

This work is suitable for all, from the everyday person to specialists and includes working with:

Injuries, pain and discomfort:

understanding cause versus effect is key and often caused by postural problems, these issues can be most debilitating especially in the most common areas affected such as your lower back, neck, shoulders, knees and feet.

Sports: tennis, badminton, squash, golf, cycling, running: 

for amateurs and sports professionals alike, working with injury rehabilitation, muscle repatterning, integrative movement, and improved performance all specific to your particular sport. 

Pre-op preparation / Post-op rehabilitation:

a provision of essential support provided pre-op to prepare, and post-op to rehabilitate and work with protection and compensatory patterns in particular for areas such as your spine, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. 

Hysterectomy recovery: 

specialist advice working with your pelvic floor and core, musculoskeletal support, stretching, re-strengthening, foot reflexes and grounding.

Ante-natal well being / Post-natal recovery: 

working with your pelvic floor, core strength and stability, stretching and toning, and how to hold, pick up and move with your growing baby.

Movement for the 50+:

working on posture and balance, improving connections between body and mind, and enabling ease of movement, especially beneficial for those with arthritis and Parkinson's.

Dancers, singers, actors, and musicians: 

providing time and space to focus, hone-in and fine tune to enable, enhance, encourage and support your performance.

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