The language of movement is where I feel most at home, it is what comes naturally to me.

Born in London of Sicilian parents and brought up bi-lingually, I started dancing at the age of 2. Trained in classical ballet at the Royal Ballet School and Merle Park Studios, I furthered my education with a BA(Hons) in Dance and Drama at Middlesex University, and a 1 Year Special Certificate in Contemporary Dance and Choreography at London Contemporary Dance School. An award from the Prince's Trust and Pépinières Européennes pour Jeunes Artistes to create a piece for the Ballet of Zaragoza, Spain, launched my career as a professional choreographer.

Upon my return to London I co-formed a dance company 'White Monkey Trip' with composer David Walters and designer Chris Melchior which toured the contemporary dance circuits. I worked as the administrator for Palace Opera and the London Concertante Orchestra with performances at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, a U.K. tour and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; and as a close friend of the Kubrick family, project co-ordinator for 'By Means of Music', a memorial concert highlighting the music chosen by Stanley Kubrick in his films, with performances at the Barbican Theatre, London, and Auditorium di Milano, Milan, Italy.

Attending my first Pilates class at the age of 18, it became an intrinsic part of my training as a professional classical and contemporary dancer. It is how I rehabilitated my body after working for 20 years in these fields, and again after childbirth. Studying Pilates Based Body Awareness with the formidable Christine Hocking, I was influenced by her method and passion, and have taught Pilates based classes ever since. It is my foundation for health and wellness.

My desire to be more deeply informed of the body-mind connection drew me to the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, an innovator and leader in developing Body-Mind Centering®. Trained as a Somatic Movement Educator, Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, this revolutionary method has provided me with encyclopaedic levels of anatomical, experiential and embodied knowledge. Continuously amazed by its depth and simplicity, the embryology work is how I recovered from a slipped disc in my lower back. A unique method, it informs your moving body-mind like no other.

Always inspired by dance, music, film, art, and nature, my family is key. I am an avid cook, keen gardener and painter, and lover of animals, travel, and French literature. The beach is where I find my feet, and in sharing my story, I pay homage to my teachers past, present and future.