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I have been attending Andromeda's classes for the past 16 years which is testimony in itself. I have loved each and every class with her. She is so knowledgeable and caring. Knows every inch of the body and has always wonderful advice to give us all not to mention how relaxing it is. Lovely teacher.

Caroline Casey

I have been a client of Andromeda's since 2006, so 14 Years and counting :-)

Andromeda is responsible not only for the huge transformation of my physical wellbeing

but for my journey into the Conscious Awareness of the Being.

Working with Andromeda is like no other experience in getting to know your body, every single muscle, function, connection etc...

Whether you are attending a group session or a one to one you walk out feeling a complete difference in your posture,

your body feels more open and supple and your mindset more focused.

Everyone should have an Andromeda in your life and as a bonus she is one hell of a beautiful soul.

Here's to many more years being part of this amazing journey.

Victoria Dioh

I was recommended to book a One on One appointment with Andromeda some 18 months ago when my arthritic ankle was giving me serious mobility problems.  Since then, regular sessions have resulted in a huge improvement, maintaining flexibility and keeping me away from the operating theatre. I love Andromeda's expertise and her approach makes the hour rewarding and enjoyable.

Chris Foster

What can I say about Andromeda that does justice to her knowledge, empathy, understanding of and ability to put the body right?

I have attended her classes for over 5 years and in that time she has enabled me to understand more fully

how my body works and what to do to keep it functioning smoothly.

When little or big hiccups occur, she is always there ready with the remedy through her hands-on approach,

whilst engaging with the whole picture of what went wrong in the first place.

I wholeheartedly endorse Andromeda as the go-to person for everyone. 

Stephanie Foster

Andromeda first helped me with body work in 2007 and she is nothing short of amazing.

Her knowledge, combined with her peerless intuition brings extraordinary results and her down to earth pragmatism makes sure that everything she recommends outside of a session is very 'do-able'. I'm only sad I no longer live in the area and can't attend her class any more. She is totally brilliant!

Janet Gordon

I have been attending Andromeda's classes for some time now and she is a remarkable teacher.  She has an in depth knowledge about the systems and workings of the human body and translates this into her practice, pinpointing the origin of pain, injury etc...

she then applies the appropriate movement and exercise to correct and heal.

She is an outstanding teacher and motivator, her warm personality brings fun as well as learning to each session.

I am delighted to have found Andromeda and her class and feel privileged to be her student.

Bernadette Hennigan

Once you meet Andromeda and experience her unique style of teaching, no one else will ever measure up again...

Her classes not only cover a set of exercises, they teach you about your body, how it works, and the best way to take care of it.

I suffer from osteoarthritis and last year I had a total knee replacement and without her advice and care I wouldn’t be as mobile as I am now...

I can’t recommend her sessions enough. Thank you Andromeda!

Nunzia Meola

In 2003 my outlook for my future life started to change completely, the reason, I met Andromeda.

In 1950, I was told by the chief physio at one of the London teaching hospitals that my scoliosis and vertebrae were so bad, I would be in a wheelchair within 5 years and was given a corset to wear which reached from my neck to my bum and told to stop exercising!

I decided that that was not a good idea, so turned to osteopaths for advice.

They totally agreed with me and I had regular treatment and exercises from them.

I then met Andromeda and under her care and advice, joining her classes twice a week with occasional one on one sessions and workshops,

I now enjoy life to the full. I have learnt to listen to my body and understand it better.

I also exercise in the gym most weeks, swim regularly and attend a Tai Chi class.

I am now 90 years young and enjoy life to the full thanks to Andromeda’s teaching, 

learning about the “Body-Mind Centering® approach” thus learning how to use my body correctly.

If you experience problems, talk to Andromeda, she is a brilliant listener too.

Thank you, Andromeda, for all your wonderful help and advice over so many years.

Eva Salisch

I first saw Andromeda some 15 years ago when a physio told me my problems were too difficult for him to treat.

My back was like mahogany, my sacrum locked solid and my IT band had gone numb. Over the years since, I have learned from Andromeda how to look after my body and how to ensure it heals quicker when I am injured. Our journey has involved her working with not just those major issues at the start but a plethora of other little injuries that could have turned into something more serious.

She has an uncanny eye for spotting anything about the body that is out of place and

an encyclopaedic knowledge of the muscles of the body and how they interconnect.

Her passion for Body-Mind Centering® and her patient and easy going manner make her an exceptional therapist.

Thanks to her I am still playing competitive tennis for my tennis club and  hiking the fells across the world into my 60's and I am confident that with her help I shall continue doing so for many years to come. Andromeda is the person who can help you when a physio cannot.

James de Sausmarez

15 years ago I attended Andromeda's Pilates class weekly to help with a sore back.

I have been incredibly fortunate to still have her as one of my key ‘go to guru’s’.

Not only do I now have a personalised plan to ensure my back continues to be relaxed and supple but I also have a great teacher.

Her commitment to the wholeness of the mind, body and soul, her strive for continuous learning and her kind nature

is utterly inspiring and has changed my life. Now, not only I but my two baby daughters visit her

so that I can ensure they have the best start in life under her knowledge and guidance.

Danielle Shap

I attended Andromeda's classes for several years before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2010.

She has helped me to maintain mobility and balance, encourages a positive outlook and advised on courses and events

relating to Parkinson's. My symptoms remain slight and have not progressed. This may not have been the case without Andromeda.

My grateful thanks to her.

Alex Stewart

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