"She has an uncanny eye for spotting anything about the body that is out of place and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the muscles of the body and how they interconnect. Her passion for Body-Mind Centering® and her patient and easy going manner make her an exceptional therapist." James de Sausmarez


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If you are interested in improving how your body works and want to learn things that you are unlikely to encounter in any other way, then look no further. The Touch and Movement online course worked on so many different levels it is hard to sum it up in a few words. Andromeda will speak to your mind, which will speak to your body, which will interact with your mind. A new type of awareness. I wish I knew about this stuff 20 years ago. I recommend that you experience it.  A great mix of theory and practice which ultimately invites you to develop a different relationship with your body and its inherent wisdom. George Andruszkiewicz