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To be healthy both in body and mind, you need to move your body daily. This can be achieved with a very wide range of activities and sports but the key is to move daily.  

To achieve, gain and sustain a higher level of ability in classes and sessions, home practice is essential. 

With this in mind, notes on specific topics are offered below to guide your home practice.

Each set of notes comprises a series of Pilates based exercises with explanations given through images and anatomy, all to enable, enhance, encourage and support your home practice.

Notes are £15/set. 

To receive your notes, please contact me to confirm which sets you would like.

To complete your purchase, please click on the payment links below.

Notes: Clients
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Discover the phenomenal strength of your pelvic floor and core strength muscles and gain awareness of their structural importance.


Release the tension held in your lower back muscles, release your pelvis and gain range of movement in all 3 planes of motion.


This is where your postural habits take hold. Learn new patterns, release tension and enjoy renewed movement from your head to your fingers.


Gain space, flexibility and strength through your hips. Your main shock absorber, give time, space and attention to release tightness, oil the joint and create fluidity in every plane of motion.


We only truly recognise the utmost importance of our knee joints when they begin to speak to us! Create space, alignment, ease of motion and fluidity in this simple and beautiful joint.


An overview of ankle and foot anatomy and problems that come from overuse, injury, and normal wear and tear, with effective ways to work to ease the pain and improve you feet and ankles.

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