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Online Classes, Courses and One on One Sessions


If you are interested in improving how your body works and

to learn things that you are unlikely to encounter in any other way, then look no further.

The Touch and Movement course worked on so many different levels it is hard to sum it up in a few words. 

Andromeda will speak to your mind, which will speak to your body, which will interact with your mind.

A new type of awareness. I wish I knew about this stuff 20 years ago. I recommend that you experience it.  

A great mix of theory and practice which ultimately invites you to develop a different relationship with your body and its inherent wisdom.

George Andruszkiewicz

I wasn't sure if the online classes would work for me but as this was going to be the new norm for a very long time I wanted to try them out.

It was so easy to sign in to the class and lovely to see so many familiar faces. We talk about any specific areas we would like to work on and Andromeda will incorporate these into the session. Clearly able to see us all working, she offers her usual encouragement and advice.

The Zoom classes have been an invaluable way of continuing to work with Andromeda and I am very grateful to her for setting these up.  

Mary Cullinane

I have attended Andromeda’s face to face classes for many years and always come away feeling great and better informed about the workings of my body. I was so pleased to learn that she was starting online classes too and have been attending these regularly since March.

Her knowledge of the human body is immense and she always manages to convey her expertise in an accessible and memorable way. Although not with you in person, her skills of observation are just as accurate online and she is able to suggest a correction of position

where necessary. She employs humour and empathy and communicates effectively on a personal individual level.

I recommend Andromeda’s online classes to everyone.

Stephanie Foster

I have been attending Pilates classes with Andromeda for many, many years.

She has in-depth knowledge of every bone, muscle and knows how our how bodies function and can recognise within a very short period how to improve one’s issues and pains through correct exercise. I suffer from RA and also have had other issues with my health.

Andromeda has helped my recovery with both which I am very appreciative.

My doctors have acknowledged that Pilates type exercise is very beneficial to RA and I have not had a flare up for four years. 

Andromeda is an excellent and lovely teacher with a great sense of humour, the right knowledge and plenty of experience.

The online zoom classes have been extremely beneficial to me and I can highly recommend her.

Pirko Harvey

Online classes via zoom have been a great and convenient way to keep the ball rolling since live classes had to terminate due to lockdown. 

Each class is well prepared and efficiently run by Andromeda who has many years experience and a wealth of qualifications to boot. 

Is the online experience fun and a light-hearted ? Yes of course!

Just like the live classes and you get to see your regular classmates and others you may not know so well on screen too. 


I am delighted that I joined Andromeda and Ralph’s course Touch and Movement for eight weeks.

These online classes were well organised, well executed, well delivered, intellectual and gave me confidence and motivation.

The course has made me mindful of everyday things I took for granted. I am aware of subtleties of what I am asking my body to do.

I recommend any courses offered by Andromeda and Ralph.

Zeezee Ranginkaman

The online classes during the lockdown are a great help in keeping fit and clearing the mind.

Andromeda provides a friendly easy to follow format. She demonstrates the exercises clearly and I find it easy to focus just as normal classes. It all works very well and I shall continue joining in online.

Alex Stewart

I joined Andromeda’s online classes at the suggestion of a friend, at a time when in-person classes of any type were not possible.

My initial fears that ‘virtual contact’ wouldn’t work for me were quickly dispelled. Andromeda has a depth of knowledge about

the human body and an enthusiasm to share it that make classes thought-provoking, engaging and fun.

I look forward to discovering the ‘theme of the week’ along with some pearls of information on the development and workings

of the body and an invitation to move one’s own body with these new thoughts as focus.

The classes I’ve attended move at a gentle pace allowing time to absorb information and ask questions

which Andromeda can always address, even those that have veered off topic.  

Logging into classes is straightforward and interaction with both Andromeda and other participants works well.

Living at the other end of the U.K., I’m pleased that she is continuing to offer an online option, complementing her ‘in person’ classes.

Janie Thorburn