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'Socks' will melt your muscles and cares away...

A One on One with a difference! 

Working with dogs for the past 20 years has been a revelation

to my work and the body-mind process.

Extensive research has shown that the presence of

a dog can have a positive impact on physiology and psychology

and so help to reduce stress levels.

Book in!


Dive into the depths of this work and its methods.

Previous courses include:

Your Immune System

Touch and Movement

Core and Pelvic Floor

The Shoulder Girdle

The Psoas

The Lower Back 

How does your mind move

What body type are you

How can we repair


Open your body, release your mind,
create balance from within.

When you move your body, you release your mind.
When you breathe well and laugh your improve your immune system. These are small group classes suitable for all levels where we learn with and from each other with movement, embodiment and humour.


This is where we can start to discern
cause versus effect and find pathways to resolution.

One on One sessions provide the opportunity to focus on you.
With hands-on touch, re-patterning skills and movement re-education, a bespoke program continues to guide you in your personal home practice. 
Each person's journey be it short or long is a personal process in the evolvement and conversation of their body and mind.

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