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The Pilates Reformer designed by Joseph Pilates

The reformer’s official name is the “universal reformer” and as the name infers, it can be adapted to work for everyone and to meet all needs as it is suitable for all.

Movements performed on a Pilates Reformer with its specialised springs and pulleys are perfect for creating greater strength and flexibility, improving balance and coordination, increasing breath capacity and maintaining posture. The reformer’s moving carriage and variable spring settings create a myriad of opportunities for working with the body like no other.

Features of the reformer, such as the straps and pulleys, are designed to help improve mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Elements like the adjustable springs means that with its different resistance levels, the reformer can be made to work for everyone from beginners, to people with injuries to those with more experience.

An incredibly versatile piece of equipment, it can be used lying down, standing, kneeling or on all fours. Most exercises involve some form of pushing and/or pulling action, whilst others involve keeping the carriage still as the tension of the springs work against you. Part of why the reformer is so effective is that it can be either assistive or resistive so exercises can be made more or less challenging according to ability and desire.

Reformer Sessions

* Suitable for all levels from beginners to the more experienced.
* Reformer sessions can focus on the whole body or on specific areas that need attention.
* A more focused experience, you may wish to start with shorter sessions and build up from there.

* Reformer sessions are only available 1:1
* 30 or 60 minute sessions are on offer with concessions and a Reformer Pass available.
*Go to the
Services page to view sessions times, fees and to book your session.

* Contact me if you wish to discuss anything prior to booking your session.

This Pilates Reformer machine has been very generously gifted and so by way of thanks 5% of all fees received for Reformer sessions are donated to Parkinson's UK.

Reformer: About Therapy


Passes are the most economical way to attend Reformer sessions and are valid for 6 months. 

Concession prices are available for all Reformer sessions and are applicable for those who are:

over 67, under 18, in full time education or in receipt of any form of benefit. 



If you are unable to attend a Reformer session, as much notice as possible is requested so that your session time may be offered. If this cancellation is given with less than 24 hours notice, a 50% cancellation fee will apply. 

The venue is Highlands Village Hall, 5 Florey Square, Winchmore Hill, London N21 1 UJ. 
There is unrestricted parking on site with public transport links to Grange Park or Winchmore Hill from which there is a bus service to Highlands Village, or it is approximately a 15-minute walk. 
There are disabled parking spaces directly outside the hall with disabled facilities on site. 
Please note that all Reformer sessions take place up a set of stairs on the 1st floor mezzanine level.

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