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Your Immune System “Innate and Acquired” 

This 8 week course is now only available as a recording.

Your Immune System “Innate and Acquired” 

We are our immune systems and our immune systems are us. 

It is formed and processed by our deep past, present and future, effecting and affecting how we live our lives.

It is fundamental to all our developmental and protection systems for quality and quantity of life.

A comprehensive 8 week online course to enable, enhance, encourage and support your immune system.

This is an information journey through science and experiential embodiment that can guide you to a place of support, balance, improvement and maintenance of your immune system for optimal functional health and performance.

Over 8 weeks we will travel through all the systems that your immune system interacts with, governs and communicates with.

From your bone marrow producing stem cells to the communication between your thymus and spleen,

the interactive conversation of your lymph and circulatory system,

the three brains dilemma and the creation of your innate and acquired immunity. 

By looking at its complexity and simplicity,  understanding and management,

and with advice on stacking the odds wholly in your favour in the event of suffering the slings and arrow of outrageous fortune…

this course is a tool kit, guide and reference, and through the sharing of information and knowledge

we can create the ability to better care for ourselves and each other.

Course content:

I&A1. Eco-Immunology: The Lungs and Heart

I&A2. Sleep-Immunology: The Autonomic Rhythm

I&A3. Nutritional-Immunology: The Digestive System

I&A4. Anatomical-Immunology: The Thymus and Spleen

I&A5. Fluidic-Immunology: The Lymphatic System 

I&A6. Neuromusculoskeletal-Immunology: The Neuroendocrine System

I&A7. Chronological-Immunology: Holding on...letting go...

I&A8. Genetic-Immunology: Stem Cells, Bone Marrow & Breathing

Fees for recordings:

£15 any single course 

£120 for the full 8 week course 

This course can be taken as a CPD (certificates supplied)

Led by Andromeda Graziano and Ralph Samwell

from the collaborative perspectives of Body-Mind Centering® and

EBM (evidence based medicine science) POS-CFMT (developed by Professor Peter O’Sullivan: cognitive functional movement therapy

Ralph Samwell Clinic based Musculoskeletal therapist 1-1 coaching of pain resolution, dyskinesia and BPS management. 

POS Cognitive Functional Therapy, Royal Free Hospital 2019. A.C.T. Chelsea Westminster Hospital Acceptance Commitment Therapy 2019.  British Columbia Pain Foundation 2019. Tavistock Portman Hospital: Motivational Interviewing 2019. 

S&C rehab L1, Dr Claire Minshull 2019. Better Clinicians Project 2020. 

Andromeda Graziano Teacher and Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®

Body-Mind Centering® is a highly experiential, somatic approach to embodiment, movement and consciousness.

Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen over the last several decades, BMC® promotes the conscious embodiment of anatomical, physiological, psychophysical, embryological and developmental principles,

utilizing guided movement, intentional touch, voice, expressive arts,

and a developing awareness of the play of conscious attention, or mind.  

This course is for anyone interested in their Immune System.

No previous experience with Body-Mind Centering® is required to attend. 

BMC® and Body-Mind Centering® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

To pay for the course and receive you recording please click on the links below:

Your Immune System: Welcome
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