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Emotions in Motion

Move your Body

Move your Mind

...and get back in touch with your self...

This 7 week course is now only available as a recording.

Led by Andromeda Graziano & Ralph Samwell

drawing from Body-Mind Centering® and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in creating balance in their body-mind,

and is an opportunity to dive into your emotions and their myriad of perceptions and connections;

to better understand self and other; to enable, enhance, encourage and support.

Week 1


Is there any part of your life dictated to by a deep ancestral past and if so, where does it reside?

What do you emotionally trust, is there a pattern to it and where do you feel this in your body?

Week 2


What are your red-lines that are non-negotiable,

that are unique to you and/or part of your personal beliefs?​

What is the area in your body that you feel is completely adaptable and enjoyable to change? 

Week 3

Flight-Fear/Feeling Vulnerable-Kidneys

What do you believe about your interpretations of events and what do you use to perceive them?

What process do you use to make your interpretations accurate and how do you test this,

through movement, mind, both, other?

Week 4

Freeze-Over thinking/Worry-Spleen

How do you sort facts from assumptions and do these have a place where they reside in your body?

How accurate are your perceptions and what ways do you measure how you know?  

Week 5


How much of a truly free choice do you ever make and where in your body does this come from?

Do you have a key fundamental purpose to your journey,

what personal meaning do you assign to that purpose and where in your body does that reside?

Week 6


How do you incorporate adaptability and space for change, through movement, mind or both?

How many truly unconscious decisions do you ever make and where in your body does this come from?

Week 7


What process do you use for questioning your beliefs, movement, mind, both, other? 

What do you base your meanings and purpose upon and where in your body do you feel this?

How do we live amid a universe in constant upheaval when we are programmed to crave certainty?

We are startled by spontaneity, bewildered by change and neophobic.

We attempt to control every aspect of our lives and often that of others.

We are so obsessed with knowing that making a choice or decision becomes the problem.

Now we feel pushed to make a choice, pushed to look deep inside, forced to take on board the new.

What has the pandemic revealed about the human condition and how we lived our lives before?

What does it say about society at large and each of us in particular?

What if anything needs to change, whilst being aware that the only constant is change.

This is an opportunity to come to terms with ourselves.

To our responses to uncertainty and the little control we have always had. With nearly everyone’s life upended and fortunes changed, one of the only things we can control is how we choose to navigate,

what we pay attention to and why; and how we define and attach meaning to those things. 

To arrive at a state of serenity we must learn not only to accept but also know when to reject.

Solving the paradox of acceptance of what is,

with the power of knowledge of doing something about what does not work.

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms or books that are written in a foreign tongue. Live the questions now, and perhaps, gradually, without noticing it, you will live some distant day into the answer.” Rainer Maria Rilke

If we use this time to live the questions, look at our patterns and open our imagination, we can reach more fruitful answers to give our lives, those we love and humanity, a new orientation. 

Join us…


Full price:

£150 for the 7 week course

£25 for any single course 

For anyone who attended any of our previous courses (Touch & Movement, Your Immune System) live or via purchased recordings:

£100 for the 7 week course 

£15 for any single course

Concessions and more - the pandemic has affected us all so should your financial situation deter you from attending our fees are below

and should these not match your current needs please do get in touch:

£75 for the 7 week course

£12.50 for any single course

The entire course is now only available via recordings and is available to purchase and view at your leisure.

This course can be taken as a CPD (certificates supplied).

Ralph Samwell

Clinic based Musculoskeletal therapist 1-1 coaching of pain resolution, dyskinesia and BPS management. POS Cognitive Functional Therapy, Royal Free Hospital 2019. A.C.T. Chelsea Westminster Hospital Acceptance Commitment Therapy 2019.  British Columbia Pain Foundation 2019. Tavistock Portman Hospital: Motivational Interviewing 2019.  S&C rehab L1, Dr Claire Minshull 2019. Better Clinicians Project 2020. ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for physical health conditions; Dr. Ray Owen)

Andromeda Graziano

Teacher and Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®, this method provides an exclusive approach to movement analysis and re-education

within the realms of physical and mental health and well-being.​ It has limitless ranges of application including:

bodywork, movement re-education and re-patterning, physical rehabilitation, hands-on touch and re-patterning skills, 

dance, music and art therapy, meditation and mindfulness, somatic education and infant developmental movement.

BMC® and Body-Mind Centering® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

To pay for the course and receive you recording please click on the links below:

Emotions in Motion: Welcome

Video Emotions in Motion

Emotions in Motion: Welcome

Video • Antonio Sellitri • Beethoven 5th Symphony 1st movement Allegro con brio 

Emotions in Motion: Welcome
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